UPVC Door Locks Specialist

Access Locks are a uPVC Locks Specialist

uPVC Locks Specialist

If you are experiencing any of the following problems such as;

  • Floppy door handles
  • Stiff operation of the door handles
  • Crunching noises from the mechanism
  • Are unable to close your door properly

We can help. Usually we can remedy these faults with an adjustment and service of the door. It is advised to have these problems rectified sooner rather than later before a bigger fault occurs.

If these problems are left they will get worse, resulting in the failure of the mechanism. When these doors fail they will leave you with a door that cannot be locked or a door that will not open.

We carry a wide range of spare parts for upvc doors to enable us to rectify the fault on the spot ensuring your home is secure again.

Ring us now for an adjustment & service

Access Locks are a uPVC Lock SpecialistThe most important part of your upvc door is the cylinder lock that stops your door mechanism being operated. These locks though are very vulnerable to certain types of attack and can be easily opened.

Many locks have now been developed to defeat these vulnerabilities, due to the large number of crimes committed by taking advantage of these weaknessess.

Why have the most cheapest lock fitted to your home? There is a reason its cheap, are you going to put your trust in it?

We supply euro cylinders with many features at an affordable price, not any old rubbish that some may sell you.